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The Answers to Dan Brown's DaVinci code webquest


This page is designed to give you clues and answers to the Web Quest posted on Dan Brown's website....

Note this page contains ALL the answers, if you were brought here by a search engine and don't want a spoiler, you might want to use the menu below to navigate to a page containing only the part you want...

Question # 1 : 2 : Gate # 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6

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Question 1

My friend, I bid you welcome to this quest
Before we start, I pose a painless test
To probe you're worth of this noble game,
Please type (with care) DaVinci's given name.


Well 'given name is just a synonym for Christian name or first name.

The answer: Leonardo

Click submit and move on to question 2


Question 2

What you see at first is something of a collection of random letters, you may be able to work out the meaning, but if you simply hover the mouse over each work in turn it will unjumble. It then reads:

You seek a famous fresco in Milan
(Use google and the truth will quickly dawn)

Well what you google is up to you, but this might not be a bad place to start.


The answer: the last supper

Click submit and move on to Gate 1

Gate 1

Again what you see at first is close to random text, it looks Greek:

If you select this text and copy it into notepad, of a word processor it magically changes to:

Well done, my friend, I sense your heart is true.
You now have earned the right to your next clue:
The Mona Lisa's dwelling once housed kings.
A lavish Paris palace with three wings.
One wing is Sully... one is Richelieu.
Please name the third (I've mentioned only two).

Now the similarities between the 'Greek' text and the English are clearer.

Mona Lisa's home is obviously the Louvre. A quick google will tell you the answer.

The answer: Denon

Click submit and move on to gate 2


Gate 2

We are met by a riddle:

Beware, another gate now awaits you
A famous code by he who "Brutus" slew
The letters 25 a perfect square
Will tell you who to contact if you dare


The clues are obviously in the text:

Brutus was the killer of Ceaser, (Et tu brute?) as we learn in the Digital Fortress Ceaser pioneered many early encryption methods, but the clue is in the 'perfect square' the letter are to be written into a 5 x 5 square and read down. (note DB use a similar code on the last page of Digital Fortress.)

w t r g o
w r t d t
w o l o c
d b a n o
o e n d m





So we must go to www.robertlangdon.com, note the text says we 'who to contact' so when you get there, click on contact.

We now move to Gate 3


Gate 3

After clicking on contact we see:

Bravo, my friend, i see you've fund your way.
What challenge you face next I can not say.
Professor Robert Langdon knows your task
He will respond in minutes if you ask.

[email protected]

We need to send an e-mail to the address and we immediately receive a reply:

Thank you for writing. I apologize for this automated
response, but I am currently in Florence attempting
to locate the key to "The Prophecy" - an encoded
parchment that may have been written by Leonardo Da
Vinci. I will respond to your message upon my return.


Robert Langdon


If this is you, DON'T erase this email -  I can only
send it once. Something terrible has happened.  I was
attacked outside my hotel, and the parchment was
stolen! I think the thieves intend to auction it on-
line. I don't have reliable web access here, and I
need your help. You must find this auction
immediately and track down the parchment. Here are
the two best art-related auction sites:


When you search, you should definitely include the
initials "LSPDV" because they are so rare. Please do
everything in your power to locate the parchment
soon - I must get it back. I'm getting very close to
uncovering the key to the code.

- Robert

Follow the second of these links and you'll see that you come to a site that looks something like e-Bay.

Search for LSPDV and you will see the item in question. There are two thing to note about the item listing

  1. The lady in question is 'Marie Denarnaud'

  2. She has deposited the parchment at a bank advertised on this site.

Click on the link to the Swiss bank and move on to gate 4


Gate 4

Opening the 'Deposit Bank of Zurich' site we see that we need a login name, this is the name we obtained from the auction site.

'Marie Denarnaud'

We next need an account number. If you click on the reminder we are told that it is to be found in the middle of chapter 4 of the DVC. The correct sequence is the digits of the Fibonaci series up to 21 i.e.


This lets us in to the area where we should be able to see the video stream of our parchment, but instead there is a message from Bezu Fache. It tells us to call him on (212) 782-9920.

We do that and learn that we should e-mail to [email protected] and visit www.doubleknightbooks.com

The reply give us a clue to the password we should use.

We login to the message board as 'Jonas Faukman' with the password 'venice'

On clicking on the message 'Jonas i've got the key' we see a message instructing us to go to www.robertlangdon.com/secretpage.htm

Go there to move on to gate 5


Gate 5

Opening the link we see the following message:

Jonas --

Well done! You've found my secret site. To proceed, all you have to do is type the name of my favorite symbol (it's on my website).

We return to robertlangdon.com and note the symbol that appears twice on his site....

I looks a like this....

(It's worth mentioning that at this point my first instinct was to right click the image and look at the file name, hoping this would reveale the name of the symbol, to my surprise the file name was 'nicetrypal.jpg')

The symbol is called 'ankh'

This reveals a code, or gate 6


Gate 6

We now have the key to the parchment. the key looks like this...

So now the code is easy to solve, for each letter on the parchment we look for the corresponding position on the grid where the dot represents the position of the letter. this is simple as each square on the grid has a different border.

the code translates as:

The truth will be told in 2003

Recently another final stage has been added. Whilst mystical music is playing the following message is displayed...

A special person has recorded a private message for you at 1-212-782-9932

Calling this number plays a recorded message:

Hi, this is Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code. If you're calling this number, I assume you've solved the web quest, so congratulations, well done.

I hope you enjoyed taking this quest, as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. Of course, if you've not yet read the Da Vinci Code, I hope you will soon. In the meantime, I'll be hard at work on the next Robert Langdon thriller.

Thanks again for playing, and congratulations on completing your quest.



Question # 1 : 2 : Gate # 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6


Other books: Digital Fortress Deception Point